Direct Cremation in Sunderland

direct cremation sunderland

Ashbrooke Direct Local Cremation in Sunderland

Jeff Wilson at Ashbrooke Funeral Directors offers a complete direct local cremation service in Sunderland.

You may have seen a lot of TV advertising this service over the last 2 years, but did you know that with these providers you are not cremated locally and your loved ones ashes are posted back to you?

With a Direct Local Cremation from Ashbrooke Funeral Directors your loved one stays local and that’s a promise, plus you have the option to attend, subject to some time restrictions.

Ashbrooke Direct Local Cremation includes:

  • Our professional services
  • Veneer oak coffin
  • Removal of your loved one in to our care**
  • Your loved ones ashes*** (collected within 2 days)
  • Private ambulance to Crematorium
  • Doctors fee****
  • Sunderland Cremation Fee

Total cost £1500*

*Other fees may apply depending on the situation
**Removal within 15 miles
***Ashes to be collected by client from Sunderland Crematorium
****Doctors fee currently £82 but may rise to £164

Please note, a direct cremation is subject to crematorium time restrictions.

Trends in Direct Cremation

Find out more in this article on direct cremation from our professional body SAIF.

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